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KOSMAK MACHINES Is the exclusive authorized producer and vendor of fiber optic cable blowing machine (FOK) in Turkey.

All subcontractors of TURK TELECOM,TURKCELL and VODAFONE uses FOK in TURKEY.

We improve our FOK with feedbacks from FOK users.

We make it more useful for our customers SINCE 1999.

We sell FOK out of TURKEY; Holland,SyriaIraqRomainBulgaria,Kazakhistan and Algeria.

More less 3000 km fiber optic cable installed with our FOK in last project named TELLCOM in Turkey.

We want to share our FOK with the whole world.

  • FOK Cable Blowing Machine provides an excellent flexibility and compact design to the users offering a complete solution.
  • Capable of installing the cables -Fiber optic cable and microduct-. For cables Ø 9 to 22 mm and ducts OD 20 to 50 mm.
  • FOK Machine is engineered for blowing Fiber optic cables in preinstalled ducts.
  • This multifunctional machine is easy to use for the installation of cables and micro-ducts by air and covers a wide range of cable diameters.
  • Its high effectiveness significantly increases daily production.
  • The pallet drive system ensures excellent cable grip without damage and the clamping system absorbs cable diameter tolerances.
  • In addition to that, its high tech engineered design and structure improve blowing performance.
  • Each and every part of machine are engineered and produced to meet and exceed the expectation of customer requirements.
  • FOK Machine is a Fiber optic cable blowing machine designed to blowcables into preinstalled telecommunication ducts andmicro ducts by using of compressed air. Having 3 pallet options as 9-14mm, 14-18mm and 18-22mm to blow the cables having min 9mm to max. 22mm with a speed of 80m/min.  Duct diameter can be in the range of 20 mm to 50 mm. You can install your cable in muddy field with our special designed pallets. Cable Blowing Power will not decrease. You can set cable installing speed and direction with control valve. Special designed exit box supplies productive guiding for pressure air into preinstalled duct. Quick air connection makes your business easier with an easy plug in method. You can transfer lubricant oil onto pre-installed duct with the shock lubrication system to reduce friction between duct and cables. Your installing power never decrease with two air motors. You can open and close air entering into duct or machine with valves. Festo Lubricant system takes off moisture of pressured air which comes from compressor and supplies continuous lubricate for air motors.




Conditions for fibre optic cable blowing machine produced by kosmak machine building, industry&trade co. that you have to check on working area before you start to work.

1) Duct Control

Use natural gas pipe (dia:25mm,length:1.5m ) both side closed to control duct. This pipe must pas all along  in your duct.

2) Machine Control

Montage the machine to pipe and let pressurized air in, after you checked the suitability of  your duct. When pressurized air went out from the end of duct, you must see these values:

Air motor pressure:6 bar /// piston pressure:2-4 bar /// duct pressure :10.5 bar.

(machine axis must be set to run)

3) Working Control

You must try to stay in same level as far as possible duct, machine and fibre optic cable you must have these values when you are running machine:

Air motor pressure:6 bar /// piston pressure:2-4 bar

Duct pressure:10-11 bar.

Check oil drop value that you need for air motors on air  lubricant(2-3 drops/min)

You must do shock lubrication in every 150 metres you installed.

You must leave inside of air motors oily after you use the machine .to do this:loosen the oil set screw

On preperation air lubricant and increase the speed of oil flow and run machine 3-4 mins in this position.

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